Northwest Native Designs
Ordering and Manufacturing Process
The custom furniture buying experience

Our furniture is built to order and you are involved with every step. This page tells how we work with you to make the best quality furniture. It may seem there's a lot of information here, but it will help us to serve you thoroughly with a minimum of back-and-forth questioning. Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that is being made especially for you. This investment will last a lifetime, and we want to assure your satisfaction.

The Steps

  • Your Order
    1. Browse the gallery and choose a design or theme.
    2. Select your furniture
    3. Call toll free 1-800-322-3599 to discuss prices and styles.
    4. Make your order and your down payment according to the method you choose
  • We exchange confirming paperwork
  • A leather sample is sent to you
  • IF you have chosen a custom art design,
    • Our artists design schemes for your approval
    • An overlay of your chosen design is sent for your final approval
  • IF you want custom furniture features, e.g.,
    • round or recessed feet
    • special decorative tacking
    • hide-a-bed
    • or others...
  • We communicate the timeline for hand making your furniture
  • The furniture is manufactured to your order
  • The furniture is shipped COD
  • We will contact you the day after delivery date to confirm arrival
  • About two months after delivery we'll follow up with our customer satisfaction survey

Feel free to give us a call.

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