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Hi, everyone, and welcome to my website.

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Thank You for coming to my Web Site. I hope you find something you like and are interested in ordering. I make all of the furniture to your desired size, color, and style. You will not see specific prices on the furniture because every sofa, chair, loveseat, and chaise is individually created with different amounts of tooling, painting, or wood carving. The time of delivery is around eight to ten weeks out. This gives us time to create your idea with the design you have in mind for your furniture.

This is not manufactured furniture. All of my frames are made out of alder, and guaranteed for life. Once again thank you for your interest in my furniture. Please feel free to give me a call 1-800-322-3599 or email me at I update the pix monthly, to give you a a look at what some of the ideas other clients have come up with. NEW CARVER..NEW IDEAS.SADDLE MAKER FROM MONTANA..53 YEARS OF tooling LEATHER..

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